Albuquerque, NM,-- Peptineo, a biotechnology company focused on value recovery in Pharma, announces the appointment of George Tegos, PhD, to the company's Scientific Advisory Board. "We are extremely pleased that Dr. Tegos has joined the Peptineo Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Tegos is recognized as an emerging scientist in antimicrobial drug discovery - with the cornerstone of his research portfolio being on the development of transformative microbial efflux inhibition strategies for emerging and re-emerging pathogens. His groundbreaking research has laid the foundation for linking fundamental genomics research and validation to preclinical efficacy studies. In fact, he and his colleagues were instrumental in the advancement of new synergistic therapeutic modalities based on small molecule efflux pump inhibitors in conjunction with conventional or photoactive antimicrobial agents. We very much look forward to Dr. Tegos’s input regarding the most efficient development of our drug delivery portfolio and related peptide-based compounds," notes Dr. Sheldon K. Jordan


Dr. Tegos currently maintains a research appointment at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and has a visiting appointment at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School. His research interests include drug discovery and development of new antimicrobial strategies with an emphasis on multidrug efflux system photodynamic therapy. Dr. Tegos is also a noted researcher in novel virulence and microbial pathogenicity determinants. He has published over 70 peer-reviewed articles, over 100 conference proceedings, book chapters and International abstracts, and serves as editor and ad hoc reviewer for a variety of journals and funding organizations in the US and worldwide. Dr. Tegos holds degrees from the University of Athens and the University of Ioannina Greece, and has performed research at Northeastern University and at Harvard Medical School.


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With an expanding portfolio of intellectual property and interdisciplinary technical expertise, Peptineo represents the new face of biotechnology and bioengineering. By employing a systems-based approach, Peptineo technical solutions involve drug delivery combinations including “tunable” nano-carriers, engineered peptides, re-formulated pharmaceuticals, and as appropriate, recombinant proteins. Additionally, Peptineo is developing technologies that will greatly enhance and accelerate the drug discovery process.


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