Current approaches to modern drug delivery ultimately fail because of unwanted side affects.  These side effects include tissue accumulation, non-specific drug interactions or variable efficacy.  Our research interests currently focus on targeted drug delivery. With clinical advances including cellular targeting and new modalities for pharmaceutical delivery, it is anticipated that many of the harmful effects associated with existing drugs can be minimized.  Drug delivery platforms (DDP) assisted by nanotechnology are poised to redefine the space of modern pharmaceuticals.  Presently, innovations in drug delivery have fundamentally transformed the way in which new drugs are formulated.  Traditional drivers for pharmaceutical design - liberation, absorption, delivery, metabolism, and elimination (LADME)- have been expanded to include targeting, circulation time, triggered activation, and others.  As of 2012, it has been estimated that DDPs as a core technology are in 15% of the drug formulations coming online.  In fact, it has been posited that in the next 3-5 years, nano-enabled drug delivery may represent as much as 90% of the total market opportunity for novel drug design.  Peptineo was formed in 2011 to develop, market, and license patented drug discovery, drug delivery, and drug stabilization technologies.