Our Approach

Peptineo is working to commercialize a novel nanomaterial, acetalated dextran (Ac-DEX), for tunable, controlled release drug delivery applications. This elegant technology was developed in the world famous lab of Jean Fréchet, PhD. Subsequently, the technology continued to be developed by one of its key inventors Eric Bachelder, PhD - with breakthrough innovations employing the technology being led by Kristy Ainslie, PhD. Most notably, this technology was employed as part of the recent high profile DARPA vaccine challenge -which was targeted against an unknown pathogen. Of note, Dr. Bachelder and Dr. Ainslie have now joined Peptineo as key scientific advisors.

Peptineo is now working to demonstrate that the over US$10M invested in research & development of Ac-DEX has produced a disruptive, breakthrough solution for drug delivery challenges faced in modern medicine.

Introducing FlexDEX - A platform for modern therapeutic delivery.