Peptineo's objective is to develop a versatile and tunable antibiotic drug delivery platform; Current customers require identification of antimicrobial formulations with capability of eradicating a broad range of mainstream bacterial infections. Formulations based on Acetalated Dextran (Ac-DEX) microparticles (MPs) have been successfully been demonstrated for the delivery of aerosolized antimicrobial agents. It is fully expected that current customer initiatives will provide novel broad antimicrobial formulation leads with high drug repurposing potential. In summary, the long-term goal for Peptineo is to establish a sustainable delivery pipeline with the potential of expansion beyond mainstream bacterial infections by moving into wound care management and other medically relevant chronic conditions treated with antibiotics. 

A key area under active investigation is to design shorter, more effective therapies against tuberculosis. Currently, the basic treatment for tuberculosis involves four antibiotics and a long drug course (up to six months).  Although mainstream protocols kill a major portion of the bacterial population quickly, many cells are able to tolerate treatment for extended periods of time and thus, require long therapeutic exposure.  As a result, this basic protocol has remained largely unchanged for many years and has contributed to the emergence of drug-tolerant bacteria. It is anticipated that Ac-DEX will accelerate time to pathogen clearance by providing metabolic activation of TB persisters and resisters ( thereby increasing pathogen susceptibility) and by allowing for modified dosing strategies as necessary to quickly eliminate bacterial infections.